About Us

SignTalkers is a completely new online platform dedicated to the Sign Language community worldwide, created by SignTalk and SignTalk Foundation.

Dedicated to enhancing communication between hearing and Deaf or hard of hearing persons, SignTalk® provides interpreters/transliterators for a wide variety of settings, including: Vocational, Educational, Business, Conference, Legal, Medical and Entertainment. Its roster of interpreters/transliterators consists of nationally certified professionals, NIC/RID/NAD and qualified pre-certified interpreters/transliterators. SignTalk® is more than just a referral service; it is also an invaluable resource on interpreting, deafness, and deaf-blindness for sign language interpreters and the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community at large.

SignTalk Foundation, Inc. promotes public awareness of sign language interpreting services and protects the interests of the Deaf and signing community.


For more information or questions, please email us at info@signtalkers.com