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21st May 2019

Hi Everyone! I’m Ben, the site administrator for SignTalkers. We’re so happy we’ve had such a successful launch and are so grateful for the enthusiastic feedback from the community. Though we’ve just launched, we envision SignTalkers to be a constantly evolving community, growing together with you. We are going to use this space to share the latest updates, fixes, and new site features, as well as a place for feedback from you, the community. 5/21/19: Upcoming Features: • We’re busily working on the ability to add video comments in posts. • Editing your own posts. Changes: • Added ability to delete your own posts. Click on the 3 dots on the top right of your post, and choose ‘Delete’. • Added ability to delete your own comments. Click the trash icon to the right of your comment. • You can now edit your profile to include information like Your Role in the Signing Community and Interests/Hobbies/Specialties. Bugfixes: • Fixed popup errors when liking posts. • Fixed issue with link previews not showing in posts. Known Issues: • As our developers continue to fix issues and test new features, there may be some test posts throughout the site. These will be removed over the upcoming days.