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6th June 2019

I guess I'm the first person up here. I've been interpreting in k-12 for about a decade now. And while I'm going to present a conundrum, I'm not looking for a right/wrong answer. I'm looking for more tools. The situation I'm going to present can be handled correctly in many ways--a lot depends on the exact situation in the class and the age of the students--but this is something that comes up a lot. Situation: your Deaf student is asked to read the directions for an assignment aloud. S/he signs the directions while you voice. But you notice s/he fingerspells quite a few of the words. You ask her/him, "Do you know that word that you just fingerspelled?" They respond no. I have some tools to use in this situation. I'm just curious what other people do as well. Thoughts!

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24th June 2019 06:55 pm

Hello amber I\'d love to comment and share my thoughts. I would pull the student to the side and just explain what the word means. Think of it as you with a group of people whom you known for quite some time and they use a word out of context or do not know the meaning. I myself do not see nothing wrong with helping the youth 🤟🏽